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FREE printable: 9 tips to support piano students at home - Informative letter to piano parents

After writing the last post and receiving some messages thanking me for giving a few ideas to support piano students at home, I decided that I had to do something about it.

I have realised that a lot of piano teachers worry about the support (or lack or support) their piano students receive at home. Some of them sometimes feel a bit hopeless or don't feel they have any role or influence in the way parents decide to support their children at home. On my last post, I wrote a list with some nice methods that parents or other relatives could use with their children to be more involved in their learning process and support them.

How to communicate with parents to let them know about these tips? Of course, having a talk, writing emails or giving them advice little by little are great ways to do that. However, there might me a much more practical and fast way to inform parents: an informative letter to let them know about those tips to support their children in a healthy way.

So I decided to create an informative letter or poster that as a piano teacher you can send or give your students' parents. Here you have a preview of this letter! Keep reading if you want to get the FREE printable!

I hope you found this resource interesting and helpful. Do you want to get these 2 printables in high quality? Click on the button below and download it for free!

Thank you very much for reading. See you very soon!



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