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  • Ana Marco Pérez

I have launched a piano Blog - Take a look!

Yes, you read well! I have launched a piano Blog. It is called "The Keys' Corner", and it is a blog I have created with the intention to make piano education grow a bit more every day.

At the moment, I am researching a lot about music education, the way things are changing in education in recent times, educational approaches in music and new methodologies.

This Blog is addressed to anyone: piano teachers, piano students, people who are curious about piano and music in general, music lovers... The content will be very variated!

And why a Blog? Because I think it is the best format to share content like reflections, articles, research texts, materials, etc. but it is also a great way to create a community in which people feel invited to also share their own thoughts and experiences. I would love to open friendly discussions where we can share ideas to make piano education better every day. All these ideas and insights are essential for the development of piano education. As piano teachers, we must be aware of the world around us and the thoughts and needs of piano lovers and the future ones. So any small contribution is essential in this process!

Don't hesitate and take a look! By subscribing to the Blog, you will receive an email notification every time I post something new, and you also have the possibility to ask for the content you would like to see.

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