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1 January: Evening Concert on the radio NPO Klassiek with Don·nes Trio

As a musician, I always start the year by listening to the New Year's Concert. It is always a tradition to sit in front of the TV and listen to the Vienna Philharmonic playing marvelous waltzes and polkas. For this reason, it made me very happy to be part of a similar experience this year!

Together with Don·nes Trio, formed by Mirjam Kwebeman (saxophone), Eider Armendariz (violin) and I (piano), we will sound on an Evening Concert on NPO Klassiek on the 1st of January 2024 at 20:00. The recording of this concert took place on the 19th of December in MuziekHaven Zaandam and it was such a great experience. It will be a great radio concert full of very original music played by young musicians from The Netherlands and abroad.

Don·nes Trio is the last ensemble performing in this New Year's Concert, which you can listen clicking on this link. There, you will find the individual recordings of each ensemble.

Our program:

  • Sonata for violin and piano in A Major (III. Recitativo-fantasia. Moderato-Molto lento) - C. Franck (Arr. for alto saxophone and piano).

    • Saxophone: Mirjam Kwebeman

    • Pianist: Ana Marco Pérez

  • Suite for clarinet, violin and piano (I. Introduction, II. Scherzo) - A. Arutiunian (Arr. Kavinsky Trio).

    • Saxophone: Mirjam Kwebeman

    • Violin: Eider Armendariz Cividian

    • Pianist: Ana Marco Pérez

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