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6th March 2022: Breakfast concert in Amersfoort to celebrate the 150 birthday of Piet Mondriaan

"On March 7 it will be 150 years ago that Piet Mondrian was born in Amersfoort. Activities to celebrate this anniversary take place throughout the year in the city. De Observant will also join in with a Mondrian-style breakfast concert on Sunday 6 March and the children's performance Menertje Rood Geel Blauw."

Along with Utku Geçgel, I will offer a concert in De Observant (Amersfoort) to celebrate the birthday of Piet Mondriaan. In this concert, we chose a very special repertoire inspired by the composer. At first sight, the program does not seem to have a connection with the painter, but indeed they are really related! Do you want to enjoy a breakfast with Piet Mondriaan? Come and join us!

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