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Final concert of my Master: Monday 19th of June at 15:15 in Odeon (Zwolle)

Next Monday 19th of June at 15:15, one of the most important stages of my life will come to an end. It is very commonly said, but I don't see this as an end at all. I see it as a door that will open and will bring me more and more opportunities.

In my opinion, there is no better way to finish my Master than showing who I am as a pianist in a concert, surrounded by friends, people who I love and people who want to share music with me. And this will happen in a great place: the Hanzestrohmzaal in Odeon, Zwolle.

I would love to invite you to join me in this nice concert, as I will play a beautiful program formed by pieces that really represent me in one way or another, and that I am really looking forward to share with the audience. Here I share with you a little text that Zwolse Theaters wrote about what you can expect from my performance:

Ana Marco Pérez is a Spanish pianist graduating from Classical Piano. As an artist, her goal has always been sharing music in all the possible ways. She believes that playing in a concert is a great way to share music, but teaching it is the most pure and direct way for her to do it. Therefore, in her final concert she will find the way to combine both ways of sharing, on and off stage. The concert program is formed by pieces which really represent different facets of Ana and allow her to use music as a way to tell her own stories; stories which she will also share with the audience. Alongside her concert, Ana Marco Perez will present a museum experience in the entrance hall of the Hanzestrohmzaal starting at 15:15.

Here I share the poster of the concert. You can get your tickets by scanning the QR code on the poster or clicking HERE.

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