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Presentation of the festival September-Me. Concert in Flint (Amersfoort)

On 7th March 2022, together with the two violinists Mireia Escobar Ortega and Eider Armendariz Cividian, I will perform in Flint (Amersfoort) representing a preview of what will happen in the festival September-Me.

About the festival: "September Me is the yearly chamber music festival of Amersfoort. Ragazze Quartet, who curate the festival, do so with a fresh and contemporary outlook. Each year a colourful and wondrous programme is put together, with a lot of attention for upcoming artists who are about to break through internationally."

In our performance, we will present you Piet Mondriaan from a new perspective that might be unknown to most people. We divide his life into four stages that were crucial for his artistic development: his first years in The Netherlands, when he moved to Paris, when he went back to The Netherlands during World War I and when he finally moved to New York, where he stayed until he died. You will hear a piece of music that represents each of the stages mentioned above by combining some pieces of music that he listened to with others that describe the ambiance of each stage. These pieces, together with the scenography and some written documents such as letters to Mondriaan's friends, will combine and result in an original and entertaining performance.

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