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As a pianist, I love to play solo but also with other musicians. Sharing the same passion on stage is such a unique experience which gives me feelings I cannot find in any other activity.

My main goal with music is using it as a voice to tell stories, which is one of the characteristics I appreciate the most in musicians.  For me, music is a means of communication that allows me to be true to myself and my identity and share this with an audience.

As well as performing solo repertoire, I love working as a collaborative pianist, so I have played together with a lot of different musicians (violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trombone, singers, etc.). I have also been part of chamber music groups such as piano trio (with violin and cello), trio with oboe and basson, trio with clarinet and cello, piano à quatre mains, duo with violin, duo with flute and duo with cello.

At the moment, I am part of 2 chamber music groups:

Sabina Duo

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Cello: Clara Sánchez Hernández

Piano: Ana Marco Pérez

We both come from Spain but got to know each other in The Netherlands, as we studied the same Classical Music Master in ArtEZ University of the Arts.

We started playing together in 2022, having received advice from the cellists Karlien Bartiels and René Berman and the pianist Frank van de Laar.

We are very enthusiastic and passionate with the music we make, so our goal is to give our own meaning and voice to the music we play for an audience.

Don·nes Trio

Violin: Eider Armendariz Cividian

Saxophone: Mirjam Kwebeman

Piano: Ana Marco Pérez

A totally unconventional trio, formed by three friends! Eider (violin), Mirjam (saxophone) and I (piano) got to know each other during our Master's in Classical Music in ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. The three of us realised that we had a very similar vision towards music and performing, so we knew that we wanted to play together. With our performances, we aim to create an intimate atmosphere that helps the audience to connect with themselves, with us and our music.

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