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"We are because they were": Concert in Stadkamer Zwolle on January 27th

Next Friday 27th of January I will be lucky to participate in a project that makes me feel very enthusiastic. Together with the Master students of ArtEZ University of the Arts, we are going to perform in a concert in which the core is not only the music, but also our vision as artists, sharing this with the audience in a lot of creative ways.

The concert will take place in Stadkamer Zwolle on Friday 27th of January at 19:00. The news says this (translated to English):

Do you want to get to know a musician from the most personal perspective? Then come to the performances by the Master students from ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. This group of international students will not only make their own artistic sound heard, but they will also make clear the message they want to share through their music and the role they see for themselves in society. Come and join a musical evening with interactive elements and unexpected experiences.

In this concert, I will be performing together with my colleagues Eider Armendariz (violin) and Mirjam Kwebeman (alto saxophone). Our performance is called “We are because they were”.

In our performance, we aim to create an intimate atmosphere by telling our personal stories before we start playing an arrangement of two movements from the Suite for Trio by the Armenian composer Alexander Arutiunian. When we listened to this music for the first time, its atmosphere made Eider connect to her grandma’s life story, as she was Armenian and had to flee the country during the Turkish genocide. Even though my family or Mirjam’s are not Armenian, hearing that story inspired us to share our own ancestors’ struggles too.

We believe that having this context completely changes the way we approach the music but also the way the audience experiences it. By opening our hearts to the audience, we want to touch them and encourage them to use music as a means to connect with their own stories.

“We are because they were”, an interdisciplinary performance that will definitely touch you. If you want to book the tickets, you can do it on this link.



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